Circular Saw Blade
Tooth Shapes

Find the best tooth shape for your saw machine and project.

What are the most common tooth shapes?

Circular saw blade tooth shape is a key factor in the performance of all blades, it impacts not only the quality of the cut, but the life of the blade and ease of resharpening.

ATB saw blade teeth

Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)

ATB blades consist of alternating teeth, with each tooth being a mirror image of the one preceding it. ATB blades excel at crosscutting, where the prescoring action of each tooth prevents chipping and tearing of the wood fibres. The bottom of the cut is not flat.

ATBR saw blade teeth

Alternate Top Bevel with Raker (ATBR)

ATBR blades are identical to ATB blades except for the additional inclusion of FTG teeth. The additional FTG teeth improve the saw blade’s ripping performance, making this tooth configuration ideal for combination circular saw blades.

FTG saw blade teeth

Flat Top Grind (FTG)

Teeth are flat on top, with the cutting action occurring on both the sides and top of the tooth at the same time. Generally used for ripping blades, as the tooth can cause the material being cut to chip or splinter.

When combined with other combinations of teeth they are referred to as ‘Rakers’ as the clean out the bottom of the kerf.

Hi-ATB saw blade teeth

High Alternate Top Bevel (Hi-ATB)

Hi-ATB teeth are, as their name suggests, a modified version of the ATB tooth shape. The bevel angle is significantly more pronounced than a standard ATB tooth, however the downside is that Hi-ATB blades are more easily damaged and wear more quickly.

The advantage of the Hi-ATB blade is in the area of cross cutting laminated wood. The Hi-ATB tooth scores the surface of the laminate material, preventing chipping and cracking, the resulting cut is very smooth.

TCG saw blade teeth

Triple Chip Grind (TCG)

TCG blades use alternating teeth consisting of a standard FTG tooth followed by a modified FTG tooth with relieved corners (trapeze tooth).

TCG blades are long lasting and ideally suited to cutting hard materials like hard woods, plastic, laminate, MDF, and non-ferrous metals.